Whirled History
and the Shadow Tomes of      
  Chrystal Powers
and Adam Baum      

by Bob God Taylor

High, boys and girls, Bob God here.

There is no such thing as bad publicity, so please take a moment to go see the VIDEO my late friend - Charlie B. made for the book. R.I.F.P, Chaz!

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Two books in one:

Whirled History combines obscure, forbidden and little known facts about how politics and religion have effected each other throughout human history with bits and pieces of more widely known information to present a 'big picture' of history that most people are never made aware of through public education and mass media.

The Shadow Tomes of Chrystal Powers and Adam Baum offers an alternative to organized religion and encourages readers to place their faith in themselves and develop a personal belief system using information gleaned from more than sixty years of meticulously kept personal grimoires by a seasoned practitioner of pre-Wiccan witchcraft in America and a professor of the history of religion.

Assembled and edited by Bob Taylor (who earned the unfortunate nickname of "Bob God" as a form of mockery when, in the early nineteen-sixties, he was ridiculed for proselytising pantheism in junior high school), the purpose of this work is to introduce atheists, agnostics, and believers of every faith to the reasons religion exists, the origins of religious systems, and the need that many people have for a belief in something more than what is observable in Nature - all in the hope of creating greater understanding, tolerance, and harmony between people of the many beliefs (and the unbelief) found in modern society.

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What readers have to say :

"There is something in this book for everyone - to get pissed off about! But it is still interesting and funny." - Susan A.

"I learned more in the first five chapters of this book than I learned in the first fifty years of my life." - Charlie B.

"I love this book! This book is wonderfully addictive, informative, and it made me laugh out loud." - Goldie R.

"An interesting read. Whether you are an atheist or a religious fanatic, this book is worth reading." - Tom G.

"A hideous mockery of all we hold sacred!" - Swami Om Agog

"Very entertaining and enlightening read!" - Robert S.